The Start

Ally Couture

20 y/o

Fall 2016 Junior @ University of New Hampshire

Major: BUS ADMN-Marketing

Minor: Studio Art


I’ve tried many times to keep up with a hand written journal in order to find some release for my fear of fading memories and being only left with present moments.  I experience each and every day with a photo album recollection, worrying about those missed feelings and ideas.  Not only did limiting myself to only paper and pen provide a slight inconvenience for updates in my day-to-day life, starting this online journal in 2016 could add a bit of a routine to my sporadic college lifestyle while putting my future pieces together.

I’m slightly uneasy about the dual paperback and electronic entries, but here I can upload those special pictures to help lock these moments (and free up that phone space-lol) and weed off the necessity to hand write in order to time MANAGEEEeEe.

So what better time to start this transition than  the FALL 2016 semester and the start to my junior year of college: the seasons where the laptop and phone combo help lead me through my week.  Segway…

A lot of nice shit happened this summer, you had a lot of adventures wrapped up with your July birthday and newly annual Canada trip.  19 was the absolute best year of living in the life of ALLY, and it immediately started with Osheaga. Well…here’s to 20, Osheaga 2016, junior year, internships and new relationships!

Oh and to this new WordPress thing, for making my thoughts and ideas clear, concise and available by being saved into one convenient Ally website and later printed to be kept for when the internet vanishes one day.  Here are a few Osheaga pics (no filty) to commemorate a summer well relaxed and a semester newly prepared.

🙂  Xx



July 28th-August 2nd